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Kate Hasting EP Artwork Design

So, you might have been wondering why I put design in my title when all I do is post photographs. Well, today is special…because I am posting some DESIGN. I am very happy to show you my friend Kate’s album artwork for her new EP. I did all the post production for the photographs and the artwork layout.

First of all Nashville…you need to watch out. Kate has been recording and writing here and this EP is just the beginning of great things to come for this girl. She LOVES country music…she writes songs that need to be on the radio ASAP, and she is also a fun and loving person.

I might add that my BROTHER co-wrote all these songs. He is so talented and I am super proud of him!

So, to listen and buy this album on iTunes, check it out.

If you would like a beautiful printed copy, you can purchase one from Kate or myself.

So, if you ever have a project that needs some art, just contact me through my contact page or

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