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Will and Elizabeth | San Antonio Wedding Photography

Dearest readers,

I am back from my stretch of being horrible at posting. I’m excited to show you a wedding that goes down as THE most special wedding I have been able to photograph. And while all weddings are special, this is the kind of wedding that has totally changed my perspective as a photographer of what my job means to me and to the people I work for.

Elizabeth contacted me back in March about doing her wedding this coming November. I met with Elizabeth and Will shortly after, and I must say, they are some of the most fun people to be around. I instantly became excited knowing that one of my tasks at their wedding would be taking holga and polaroid shots.

As you can see here, this wedding happened much sooner than November. In May I got an email from Elizabeth about her dad being diagnosed with cancer. The wedding would be moved up to July and now in Texas instead of Tennessee. It just happened that my husband was working in Texas all summer, so all plans were going to work to still photograph the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful with all of Elizabeth’s creativity and details. With a grand total of 50 people in Elizabeth’s brothers house, the day was intimate and uniquely special. There was so much love and joy in that house!

Less than a week after the wedding I got news that Elizabeth’s father had passed away. As I write this post, it’s hard to know the right words to say, but I guess I will sum it up with this: when you are with the people you love, take it in and make it count. Enjoy the love and company of your family! During Elizabeth and Will’s wedding, I got that feeling from everyone.

Thank you Will and Elizabeth for letting me photograph your wedding. It was a perfect day! I am so glad I could be a part of it.

Elizabeth - November 29, 2011 - 12:35 am

I’m just seeing this post–you’re the sweetest. Will and I still talk about how amazing it was to have you there to capture all of those moments. When I first stumbled across your website, I knew we *had* to have you photograph our wedding. From the start, I knew the shots would be gorgeous, but I had no idea what your photographs would end up meaning to me and to my family. These are the last photographs my siblings and I have with my father, and they perfectly captured the feeling of the day–the love, the gratitude, the sheer joy of being together. I’ll always remember my dad in that seersucker suit and bow tie, and should that memory ever get foggy, I have your photographs to remind me of what a perfect day feels like. Thanks, Stef! You truly are such an amazing talent and just an all-around awesome person.

admin - December 13, 2011 - 8:49 pm

Elizabeth! You are the sweetest! I seriously miss you guys…we should hang after all the holiday craziness.