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Cake Pops and why they are awesome

Get ready to be amazed…I present to you, Cake Pops. Cake Pops were first brought to my attention by Elana’s Pantry when she blogged about the genius Bakerella’s treats. I watched a quick how-to video by Bakerella and set out to make my own. And wow…I was not disappointed! I used Pamela’s gluten free chocolate cake mix (amazing) and took Elana’s suggestion and used raspberry preserve as the frosting.

Warning: if you make these make sure you know plenty of people to help you eat them.

So here are a few reasons why Cake Pops are awesome and will probably take over the world…well, at least the baking world.

1. They have a high frosting to cake ratio (much like a lot of cupcakes).

2. The frosting to cake ratio is perfectly even because the frosting is mashed in the cake, so no toppling cupcakes necessary.

3. They are easy to eat. No forks required.

4. They are ADORABLE and can be made into practically anything (check out Bakerella for some great examples).

5. They taste really, really, really good.

So, bakers, brides, mothers, food enthusiast…keep your eye out for these. I see a new trend happening.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Hope you get inspired to make something yummy!