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I recently had the opportunity to photograph Jordan and Sindhu. Not only did I photograph a beautiful engagement session at the stunning Laguna Gloria–but I was there to capture and witness the entire proposal. Congratulations you two!

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This series titled Chéri Baby is a collaboration inspired by French art nouveau with a twist of old Hollywood glam. The aesthetic of Justine’s Brasserie is as eclectic and chic as the stylings of Soul Rebel Vintage. This series encompasses class and playful romanticism filled with parisian ambiance. Because life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Stephanie Pulido of Soul Rebel Vintage: Wardrobe & Styling | @soulrebelvintge
Stef Atkinson: Photographer @stefaube
Alexandra Achieng Ligawa: Model
Location: Justine’s Brasserie, Austin, TX


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